Body Modeling

The program is intended for those who wish to improve the shape of their bodies.

In order to get perfect, beautiful proportions, it is crucial to get rid of locally accumulated fat. This requires an integrated approach, which includes diagnostics along with the right selection of manual methods and medical equipment.

The program is created individually for each guest, taking into account the characteristics of the body. Thanks to a complex method and unique mountain air, the reduction of fat tissue and the removal of fluid from the body are possible in a short period of time.

Consultation with a doctor and a kinesiotherapist helps the guest to understand his/her body better. Bioimpedance analysis measures body composition (the content of fluid, fat, bone tissue and muscles). As a result, the guest gets recommendations on optimal nutrition and fitness training, which help to achieve and maintain the desired result.

An innovative hardware method has a targeted effect on fat tissue, which results in reducing fat volume. The effect is enhanced by wellness treatments with anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage effects. Along with fat reduction, the skin acquires firmness and elasticity, its tone and texture improve, and cellulite becomes less noticeable.

Duration: 3 - 5 - 7 Days

Price: 3 Days - $295, 5 Days - $410, 7 Days - $520

The program includes :

  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Bioimpedansometry
  • Arteriography - Determination of the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Consultation with a kinesiotherapist
  • Facial skin diagnosis
  • Remineralizing wrap
  • Wrap with sea magnesium
  • Wrap with sea mud
  • Wrap with seaweed
  • Body dermotony
  • Hemo-lymphatic drainage massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Remineralizing bath
  • Procedure for correcting body contours 
  • Fitness test

When you buy the program, you get an express facial treatment (cleansing + scrub/mask /massage of your choice) as a gift.