Health resources

Health resources are diagnosed by functional evaluation of different systems of the body. Most importantly, diagnostics involves pre-diagnosing diseases at the cellular level.

Establishing micro- and macroanatomical, functional and psycho-emotional status helps us evaluate the health resources of your body. Extensive analysis can identify health risk factors in advance, allowing us to prevent more than a hundred diseases and premature aging.


  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Assessment of oxidative status
  • Spectrometry — Determination of micronutrients and heavy metals content
  • Thermography 
  • Diagnosis of the proportion of tissue components of the body
  • Functional evaluation of veins — Venoscreen
  • Arteriography — Determination of the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Heart rate variability test — HRV
  • Flexometry
  • Veloergometric test
  • Thyroid ultrasound*
  • ECG*
  • Echocardiography — ultrasound study of the heart*

*Not included in the program "Intro"

Package price: 500 USD