Skin care with Biologique Recherche cosmetics and facial skincare devices

Ultrasonic facial cleansing — 174 ₾

This method cleanses the pores and removes the superficial layer of the epidermis.


Facial cosmetic massage — 203 ₾

This universal procedure is suitable for all skin types. It is a very pleasant and relaxing massage which improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, enhances regeneration.


Cleansing skin care treatment P50 Soin exfoliant P50 visage — 305 ₾

This is an exfoliating and restorative treatment for rough and uneven skin; makes the skin smooth and glowy.


Special treatment for the area around the eyes — 218 ₾

This procedure brightens and tones the area around the eyes. Swelling is immediately reduced, skin becomes smooth and relaxed and fine wrinkles become less noticeable. This procedure is recommended for the care of tired skin prone to puffiness under the eyes.


Skin-care treatment using a facial mask — 232 ₾

The specialist will choose the most suitable mask for you. This component includes massage.


Personalized facial skin care treatment — 357 ₾

Each skin care treatment protocol is tailored to individual needs, based on the skin diagnosis.


Lightening care PIGM 400 — 264 ₾

It is an evening skin care procedure to improve the complexion, prevent the appearance of pigment spots and reduce already visible spots.  It also evens out the skin tone of the face, neck and décolleté area.


Dermotony of the face — 174 ₾

The procedure is a dermotony of the face (or vacuum-roller massage) using the Le skin V7 device. It increases skin tone and reduces the depth of wrinkles. The dermotony is perfect for shaping the face, removing puffiness, regenerating and lifting the skin.


RF face lifting with Imperium Med 400 — 357 ₾

A comfortable and pleasant procedure provides a pronounced rejuvenating effect at the expense of instant lifting. The result is visible from the first procedure. The tissue structure is strengthened, the number of wrinkles is reduced, and the pores are narrowed.

Fractional RF face, single zone — 508 ₾
Fractional RF face, all areas (face, neck, décolleté) — 714 ₾

The rejuvenating effect is achieved due to radio frequency energy which penetrates into a strictly controlled depth of the skin with the help of an individual topical device, the ends of which are equipped with 225 micro-needles. RF-lifting is suitable for all skin types. The procedure ensures remodeling of the face, neck or décolleté area and stimulates collagen production, reducing the depth of wrinkles. The procedure also provides long-lasting results and pronounced rejuvenation of the face.



Body treatments using Thalasso Bretagne cosmetics and hi-tech device IMPERIUM MED 400

Body peeling — 143 ₾

Mechanical pressure activates microcirculation and improves the condition of the skin which contributes to better penetration of nutrients. This procedure makes the skin smoother, enhances complexion, prevents premature aging.


Body wrapping — 276 ₾

The procedure combines peeling, an active mask (medicinal mud or algae, according to the indication) and nourishing body milk. This method enriches the skin with minerals, reveals an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect and activates the reduction of fat tissue, reduces swelling.


Body dermotony — 261 ₾

Dermotony (vacuum-roller massage) is performed with Le skin V7 device. This procedure shapes the silhouette by improving skin tone, its density and elasticity; reduces the volume of the body, evens out the skin, relieves swelling and improves venous-lymphatic circulation.


Body RF lifting — 1 zone — 256 ₾

This procedure lifts and tightens skin, helping it produce new collagen and elastin fibers.


Cavitation — 1 zone — 290 ₾

Leaves the effect of liposuction, corrects local fat accumulation.


Thermo Gym — 145 ₾

This treatment reshapes body contours by training muscles and enhancing microcirculation.



Hand and foot care

Hand care procedure — 85 ₾

Includes peeling, mask and light massage of hands.


Paraffin therapy for hands — 93 ₾

This skin care procedure moisturizes the skin and restores water balance.


Cryo-wrap for legs — 134 ₾

This procedure stimulates the flow of venous blood, relieves swelling and heaviness in the legs.