Consultation with a doctor — 174 ₾

Consultation with a highly qualified doctor allows us to determine the optimal plan of diagnostic research. On the basis of the plan, the health resources of your body will be evaluated and the necessary procedures will be selected.


Consultation with a wellness expert — 174 ₾

The consultation allows you to receive an individual meal plan, a formula for vitamins and minerals, medicinal plants and aromatherapy together with recommendations on a healthy lifestyle.


Consilium — 319 ₾

Consultation with the participation of two or more doctors allows summarizing of the opinions of specialists of different profiles, accurately determining the state of health in difficult cases, and receiving professional advice.


Wellness coaching — 116 ₾

Wellness coaching empowers to set and achieve health goals — through nutritional and physical health guidance.


Express consultation with a specialist — Free

Express consultation helps to choose the right procedure and exclude any counter-indications.