Thermography — 116 ₾

The best screening method to determine possible hidden inflammatory processes and to assess the general condition of the body. It records the infrared radiation of the cell with an accuracy of 0.020 Celsius. This method is 100% ecological.


Echocardiography — ultrasound examination of the heart — 319 ₾

This procedure determines the work of the heart cavities, valves and other structures and evaluates both heart muscle contractility and functional indicators.


Determination of fitness status (anthropometric measurements, flexometry, veloergometric test) — 116 ₾

Allows us to determine the safe level of readiness of the body for physical exercises.


Ultrasound of the thyroid gland — 290 ₾

This procedure determines the location of the endocrine gland, its size, structure, anatomical features, the presence of diffuse and focal changes and the state of blood flow.


Electrocardiogram — ECG — 319 ₾

This procedure assesses the work of the heart by determining its electrical activity.


Assessment of oxidative status — 348 ₾

This is the determination of free radicals and antioxidant potential at the cellular level. Antioxidant status plays an important role in preventing premature aging and up to 200 diseases.


Spectrometry — determination of microelements and heavy metals — 348 ₾

This method is based on the principle of chromatography. It helps to determine the level of microelements in the body, as well as the presence and amount of salts of heavy metals.


BIA — Diagnosis of the proportions of tissue components of the body — 116 ₾

Biolectrical Impedance Analysis allows us to gather accurate data on body composition. It calculates the exact ratio of bone, muscle and fat tissue, as well as fluids in the body.


Evaluation of the functional state of veins — Venoscreen — 116 ₾

This method determines the state of the body's venous system and the risks of the development of varicose disease.


Arteriography — determination of vascular elasticity — 116 ₾

Arteriography determines the elasticity of blood vessels in the body.


Heart rate variability test — HRV — 116 ₾

HRV reveals the degree of risk of developing a heart rhythm disorder.  It demonstrates heart and brain interactions and vegetative, nervous system dynamics.


BP monitoring over 24 hours — 116 ₾

This method accurately determines the day-night cycle of blood pressure changes.


Somnography — 700 ₾

Diagnoses sleep apnea; fully assesses the duration of sleep phases. Through the innovative device (watchpat), the following seven parameters are also determined: oxygen & heart rate, snoring statistics, body position during sleep, PAT (peripheral arterial tone) signal, motor activity, and chest movement.


Polysomnography — 1221 ₾

Polysomnography is a gold standard of sleep diagnosis. It evaluates functioning of the body during sleep. This method is necessary to diagnose some diseases that can only be detected during the night’s sleep. First of all, it is the cessation of breathing during sleep while snoring (the cause of weight gain, arterial hypertension, daytime sleepiness, etc.), restless legs syndrome, lunaticism and insomnia of various types.


Skin Diagnostics — 87 ₾

This method allows to evaluate a current condition of the skin, a degree of its hydration, a level of pigmentation, etc.



Lab Tests

Determination of vitamin D level — 116 ₾

This method allows to determine the level of vitamin D in the body and thus avoiding the risks of its deficiency or overdose.


Clinical tests*

Clinical blood and urine test is a basic test for determining the general state of the body and for a timely detection of possible pathological processes in the body.


Immunological tests*

Immunological tests show the state of the immune system, the risks of allergic reactions, etc.



Bacteriology determines the state of microflora in the intestine, possible infections and invasions, risks of haemorrhaging etc.


Biochemical tests*

These tests determine biochemical indicators and reveal possible deviations in the functioning of the liver, pancreas, blood sugar level, etc.


Genetic tests*

These tests reveal the genetic inheritance of a person and the risks of developing various diseases.


PCR test — 300 ₾

A PCR test determines the presence of a viral infection.


A genetic study of the microbiota — 1740 ₾

A Genetic microbiota test is carried out in order to determine the specific composition of the intestinal microflora, its possible influence on the development of some metabolic disorders and diseases, and to take effective preventive measures.


Upon request, as recommended by your doctor.