Weight Expertise

Through innovative diagnostics, a “Weight Expertise” provides accurate data about your health resources, metabolism, and skeletal and muscular systems.

Based on consultations with leading specialists and the results of testing, an individual program of nutrition and physical activity is created, and a formula of medicinal plants and nutritional supplements is selected.

A personalized plan can help you lose weight, increase your health resources, and improve the quality of your life.


The package includes:

  • Joint consultation of a Wellness expert and endocrinologist — 45 minutes
  • Kinesiotherapist consultation — 15 minutes
  • Assessment of body condition by medical thermography method — 10 minutes
  • Bioimpedance test — body composition analysis — 15 minutes
  • Determination of trace elements and heavy metals in the body — 10 minutes
  • Cycle ergometric test — 15 minutes
  • Flexometry — 10 minutes


Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Package price: 295 USD