Author of the project

About the author of the project

The author of the project and the founder of BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort, Tamaz Mchedlidze, has always had a clear goal in mind: to be a doctor. His distant ancestors, and then his grandparents before him, were engaged in medical activities. It was from them that Tamaz found the inspiration for helping people, which he believes is the noblest profession in the world.

After graduating from the Leningrad Medical Institute, Tamaz became a successful physician.

In September 1991, Dr. Mchedlidze opened his first clinic: today, MEDI is one of the largest medical companies in Russia, incorporating 25 clinics operating in the premium segments of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Dr. Mchedlidze’s team consists of about four hundred professional doctors, all experts in various medical fields. In the MEDI system, he started the first private institute of postgraduate education in Russia, where more than 3,000 medical specialists are successfully trained each year.

Mr. Mchedlidze himself is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, author of many scientific articles, monographs, inventions, Professor of the Department of Health Care and Medical Management, founder of the Popular Medical Library of Dr. Mchedlidze.

His hard work brought him success and wealth, but due to the constant stress, over the years Mr. Mchedlidze’s weight reached almost 170kg. One day, standing on the scale, he realized that he had no moral right to talk to people about health when he was not healthy himself. From that moment, he decided to radically change himself.

With the help of his team of specialists, he developed a special system of philosophy and healing. In almost a year, he managed to normalize his weight and reduced it by 74 kg.

Mr. Mchedlidze not only recovered in record time, but also proved to be in exeptionally good physical shape and climbed the peak of Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m) on the same year.

From the author of the project

The cell is the main unit for measuring well-being in the most complex bio-system which is called the "human body". Our physical and mental states are directly linked to the health of our cells: it is directly correlated to how well our bodies (brain, heart, liver, and other tissues and organs) perform their functions, as well as the body systems (nervous, immune, circulatory, digestive, etc.). At different stages in life, each person has their own health resources. Identifying and managing these resources is the key goal of BIOLI medical wellness resort. 

The BIOLI medical team focuses on supporting our body's well-being — cell health, discovering, managing, and healing individual and specific health resources, including the detection of external and internal threats to cells and the well-being of the whole organism.

Then, using the most up-to-date knowledge in the field, the research team develops an individualized programme for effective management of life/health resources, their recovery, and the elimination of threats and risks.

Working on cellular health requires certain bioclimatic conditions, and the medical wellness resort BIOLI was established in the mountains of Georgia, above the capital, to realize these individual programmes.

The main factors that affect the quality of life of our cells — and hence our lifespan — are air, water, food, physical activity, and mental state.

Without air, our cells die within minutes. At the same time, the mountain air which brings a long life has the best structure for stimulating immunity and vital body resources.

In mountainous climatic conditions, the water balance is restored faster and easier, which results in improved exchange processes and weight regulation.

Food, its structure and compatibility, quality and ecology, are certainly of great importance. Moreover, Georgian products taste delicious and when combined with endemic medicinal herbs they can acquire special therapeutic properties.

BIOLI's entire physical activity programme is decompressive and improves the function of the joints and the support of the musculoskeletal system in general. The results are enhanced by the mountain air which is well-known to boost life longevity.

Mental well-being is fundamental to cellular health and the health of the body in general. Stress removal, renewal of the body's strength and building healthy sleep habits are problems for many people nowadays and their number is constantly increasing. Naturally, with this in mind and using bioclimatic advantages, we built BIOLI to address this problem. Positive psychology methods, special medical procedures, utilization of various forms of art therapy, individual excursions, highly professional and friendly staff, original architectural and design solutions concerning the buildings and rooms, excellent panoramic views, sunny days and crystal clear fresh mountain air — the combination of all these factors at BIOLI resort is a guarantee of true psychosomatic bliss for all vacationers.

As a wealthy person myself, I could have built a resort that fits my ideology anywhere. But I'm a maximalist — and if I plan to do something, I try to do the best of the best. That's why I, along with my team, created BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort with the best ideas for enhancing life and the best location for it.

I have created BIOLI for myself and for those who want to feel one hundred percent physically and mentally healthy! As the author of the project, I decided to live in the BIOLI area and I will guarantee you the highest standards of quality.