Stress Management

The objective of the wellness program is to neutralize the effects of stress. Once you have completed the program, you will find yourself with an increased level of energy and physical resources to start a new and more fulfilling life.

The results of our wellness program are an increased level of vitality and work efficiency. While physical therapy helps to strengthen muscle tissues, a menu enriched with endemic phyto-elements activates the restorative and cleansing processes in the body. This in turn rejuvenates the body, freeing it from toxins and allowing it to cope with chronic fatigue effectively. Finally, relaxing spa techniques and physical activities in the healing mountain air will improve the metabolism and soothe the nervous system.

This complex approach helps to become more stress-resistant and gives the body a complete revival to endow you with a feeling of harmony and peace, a new vigour, and the best chance to achieve success in the fight against external stress factors.

  • The program also includes three meals a day with Georgian endemic phyto elements
  • You can also purchase additional wellness therapies and aesthetic procedures based on doctor's recommendations.

Duration: 7–14 days

Price: 7 days — $1125, 14 days — $2250

The program includes:

Consultation / Diagnostics

  • Consultation with a doctor [qty=2]
  • Thermography [qty=1]
  • Oxidative stress check-up [qty=1]
  • Echocardiography test [qty=1]
  • Thyroid ultrasonography [qty=1]
  • Consultation with a psychologist [qty=2]

Physical Activity

  • Individual Breathing Exercises [qty=6]
  • Individual Nordic Walking [qty=6]


  • Neuro-sedative Massage [qty=2]
  • Phyto Bath & Experience Shower [qty=3]
  • Halotherapy [qty=2]
  • Hemolymph Drainage [qty=3]

Duration: 7–14 days

Price: 7 days — $1125, 14 days — $2250