Head and neck massage — 186 ₾

Improves the blood circulation in the brain, eliminates the unpleasant feeling in the neck and shoulder area, relieves headache, normalizes sleep, helps weight loss. The increase in stamina is felt from the very first procedure.


Neuro-sedative massage — 206 ₾

Neuro-sedative massage helps to eliminate the effects of emotional and psychological stress, normalizes sleep, and solves the issue of chronic fatigue. This message stimulates the production of endorphins ("hormone of happiness"). After this massage, an incredible increase in strength, stamina and good mood is noted. It has no contraindications.


Chiro massage — 334 ₾

The main principle of this method is simultaneous impact on different body systems: lymphatic, vascular, and nervous systems, as well as on muscles and joints. This leads to an improvement of tissue nutrition, skin and muscle elasticity, increase in joint mobility and normalization of nervous system activity. Thanks to special techniques, biological points and zones are activated. This stimulates the activation of a natural rejuvenating mechanism.


Haemolymph drainage — 319 ₾

This procedure reduces water retention and improves the function of the lymphatic and venous systems. As a result of the very first session, this method reduces the volume of the body, restores the blood supply to the skin, muscles and fatty tissue.


Anticellulite/shaping massage — 334 ₾

Anticellulite massage is carried out with an emphasis on problem areas, using drainage and modeling techniques. It acts against local accumulation of fat and the "orange peel" effect.


Massage "Kolkhuri" with hot pouches with herbs — 435 ₾

An individual composition of herbs is selected for this procedure, and the massage is performed with a combination of drainage and mobilization techniques yielding a deep relaxation effect and improving joint mobility.


Maxiflex Bioli — 348 ₾

A unique method developed by Bioli, based on a combination of several types of techniques, improves joint mobility and muscle condition. It is an effective addition to any physical activity. After this procedure, you will feel that the body has become more flexible. The parameters of each procedure are selected individually, depending on the individual characteristics and capabilities of the body.


Maxiflex with salt pouches — 363 ₾

Salt retains heat for a long time. This allows to warm muscles and joints. Salt crystals are beneficial for removing muscle spasms and improving blood circulation.


Foot maxiflex — 206 ₾

This procedure combines several techniques and has a pronounced anti-stress effect. It improves the functional state of the ankle joints, relieves tension, and normalizes sleep.