Georgia is a country of amazing contrasts and unique character that has become a travelers’ dream-come-true destination.

Gorgeous scenery, stone-carved cities, Georgian polyphonic music and an absolutely unforgettable cuisine — this is Georgia, the country that has resided on the crossroad of civilisations for thousands of years. This is the reason behind its unmatched cultural diversity. This sunny, warm country famous for its hospitality and considered one of the safest places in Europe, leaves a truly incredible impression on its visitors from the very first moment.

Georgia is one of the ancient cradles of European civilization and it’s no surprise it’s considered the place where many human activities have originated. It has been recognized as the birthplace of winemaking — the unique tradition of winemaking counts over 8ooo years. Georgia is fairly considered the origin of gold production and beekeping. Moreover, historical sources also point to rich medical traditions — the term "Medicine" derives from the name of mythological Georgian figure, Medea of the Colchis.

The country has ancient wellness traditions such as enotherapy, which has always been an integral part of the local culture. There is an incredible variety of medicinal mineral waters and muds (peloids) and the mountainous regions of the country are rich in rare phyto resources, used widely in the traditional dishes. Being introduced to the full range of colors and aromas is an art-therapy, bringing as much joy as experiencing cultural monuments.